Sunday, November 15, 2015

Flowers and Fruits of November --in Minnesota!

After the most perfect summer I can remember, we are being blessed with  the most amazing, warm. enduring fall. This morning I took flower photos from around the  farm...not the most impressive until you realize it is mid-November and we have not had a hard frost yet, so these are mostly very geriatric blooms! 
Usually by this time of year it is white and gray and brown out --these patches of color are intoxicating. The weather has done wonders for my usual fall depression, but afraid it hasn't helped me motivate to put plastic on the windows and hang Christmas lights (today, maybe!)

A volunteer marigold from seed that blew into the pasture from the aquaponics towers.
Dandelion seedhead in the walking onions.

The honeysuckle vine is blooming halfway up the  windmill.
Brussels sprouts awaiting Thanksgiving dinner.

 The early-bearing raspberries are confused.

A patch of peas self-sowed and are blossoming. I am contemplating  digging them up and putting them in a big pot in the greenhouse.
The bottle tree, with the peace dove silhouetted, looked especially beautiful backlit against the morning sun. Sending up a little prayer for  Paris, Lebanon and Syria.