Sunday, April 23, 2017

Of Spring I Sing!

 Spring has sprung like crazy. So many things I need to write about to catch up on the past month (new intern and gardener, loss of our beloved bovine LaFonda, ReBlossom Festival, broken rib, Rog's beautiful new barn deck, to mention only a few things in the past couple weeks.)  But for now, I will just post  a few pics from my walk around the farm this evening after everyone packed up  and returned home from the ReBlossom festival. What a glorious weekend and evening. We ate our first few spears of asparagus of the year for supper; it grows adjacent to these pretty daffodils.
When I headed out for my walk tonight,  Jitter was standing atop the tall compost pile, staring longingly at the green grass on the other side of the fence, so I decided to let her in for a bit. (It has been so wet and muddy, I had been worried she would destroy the pasture with her hooves, so I made her stay in the sacrifice pasture until now.) She did a happy jig and a few leaps and  pirouettes, and then settled down to noisy, blissful munching.
The Willys looks like it has a load of magnolia blooms in the bed. About every sixth person attending ReBlossom asked me what this glorious, fragrant  little tree was, and then expressed astonishment  that any magnolias grow in Minnesota.
 Happy Moji. I was wearing this same silly grin all weekend.
The honeyberries we planted last year are covered in blossoms.  A few berries coming this year, I hope?

 Lilacs are almost ready to  burst into bloom.
The little pond is encircled by daffodils and has a healthy population of  amorous, melodious toads and frogs.

I cannot  begin to describe how absolutely overjoyed I am by spring. :) My favorite time of year.


Ines Gaudet said...

Love your blog. Used to have 2 ponds behind me. That land has now been bulldozed for new housing. I will miss the frogs. I love spring bulbs. Glad to see Jitterbug. Lastly, is that a leonard messel magnolia you have in the yard ? Mine is in full bloom ! I will be over sometime this summer. Until then, I love reading about Squash Blossom life !
Ines G.

Marcia said...

Frogs! Wondering what the new owners of our old house thought of the frog chorus this year. No more loud songs for us here on the 11th floor.

Susan said...

Ines, I recall the variety of the white magnolia as "North Star." I also have two small magnolias I planted the last couple years that have huge waxy blooms, one yellow and the other pink, but they are merely budded out now.

Marcia, the frog chorus is in surround-sound tonight! The world is thrumming with assorted frog songs.