Monday, September 15, 2008

A Few Squash Blossom Farm Tidbits

Saturday evening, driving home from Nikki and Seans' farewell party in the much-needed rain(light and drizzly, but soaking), the sky was quite dramatic. Now the ground is soft enough to insert my bird-feeder poles and everything has greened up--or maybe just looks that way with the dust washed off. I definitely appreciate that the gravel road is not so dusty, too!

This is Rog's new farmer look, how he dresses to machete the burdock. The mandatory feedcap says "Gnarly Head" ( a favorite wine - I don't remember where we got this cap!) rather than a seed company or an implement dealer. I wonder if you can get a Willys Truck logo feedcap? Someday we'll have to design our own Squash Blossom Farm caps.

On our weekend trek to Menards we were on the lookout for some sort of structure to build our next pizza oven upon. We thought we'd have to spend mega-bucks and buy landscaping bricks--but Rog was delighted to find this large cable reel for just $10. It was too big to fit inside our car so we had to put it on top and tie it down with scrawny twine. Fortunately, we didn't have to drive far and could take back roads.

Last night we entertained our first dinner guests at our new house. We planned to grill a chicken, but couldn't find where the grill racks were packed, so last minute Plan B, we oven-roasted it instead. Our very thoughtful dinner guests brought us this spectacular, humongous basket of potted mums as a housewarming gift. They look amazing on our patio. Thank you, Cindy and Jim!!

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