Friday, September 12, 2008


A week ago today we closed on the purchase of Squashblossom Farm!

The next morning we enjoyed our first breakfast at the farm, dining on the patio. We got up at a respectable farm time of 6 a.m. and I assembled the new patio furniture while Rog made coffee and assembled a beautiful breakfast platter. The gorgeous challah bread was made for us by Kelly, the new mistress of our old house!

TOP TEN Highlights of our first week at Squashblossom Farm:
1. There are lots of toads of all sizes! And we hear coyotes and wild turkeys.
2. I mowed the lawn Sunday with our new (used)Husqvarna lawn mower. It was my first time using a riding mower and I read all the instructions and was very cautious on the slopes. The yard is about an acre in size and it took an hour and a half.
3. We got the washer and dryer delivered and hooked up the vent and wiring. We have already washed several loads.
4. Katherine and Greg came over with a bottle of wine, to celebrate!
5. Cocoa and Nutmeg scared up 6 deer in the pasture. I don't know who was more startled, the deer or the dogs. It was total pandemonium for a few minutes with deer and dogs running every which way!
6. Rog rode his bike to (or from) work every day - a mile on the gravel to the Douglas Trail, then several miles through the woods on the trail, then a crummy stretch along an industrial street, then through town. On Wednesday he blew out a tire on the industrial street. Last night he installed puncture-resistant tires and tubes.
7. Cabinet Girls meeting was here on Tuesday night, featuring Sharons scrumptious raspberry-cheesecake-chocoalte dessert in honor of Barb's birthday. Cocoa found it scrumptious, too, and ate the piece we were saving for Larry. Sorry, Larry. Barb brought us a stunning yellow orchid as a housewarming gift. Thanks, Barb.
8. Rog sorted out and re-wired the mysterious technological spaghetti under my office desk and in the basement so we could connect a phone on the main floor.
9. Today the fuel oil guy filled our fuel oil tank, so now when winter hits we'll be ready. Or at least warm. We don't have a snowblower or snowplow yet.
10.All our major living areas are pretty much unpacked and looking rather civilized!

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