Sunday, September 14, 2008

We've Got the Willys

Today we purchased a 1956 4WD Jeep Willys pickup from Bob, the former owner of our farm. The truck was previously owned by his father, who used it to plow snow and haul garbage at his resort near Itasca Park for about 40 years. It only has 27,000 actual miles on it.

Bob thought he had sold it to another buyer, but that deal fell through, so the truck has been parked in our farmyard since we moved in last week. We have been looking at it every day, getting more and more fond of it. It really seems to belong with this farm. I am SO TICKLED we were able to buy it! It needs some work on the radiator, brakes and engine, but nothing too serious (we hope). My little brother Lyle has offered to help us get it going. It will be so cute hauling vegetables to market and being the official vehicle of Squash Blossom Farm.

This afternoon I gave it a really good washing, so now it looks even better than in this photo.

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