Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Granary Heats Up

The weather was unseasonably warm this weekend - 50 degrees and it's almost December! - so Rog decided it was a good opportunity to get the little woodstove installed in the granary.

The stove is a pretty little antique parlor stove (or will be pretty when painted and re-chromed) Cadence found on Craigslist. The granary is so small and essentially one room, so the parlor stove should be adequate to make it comfortable. This photo was taken looking up from inside the building as Rog lined the chimney opening in the roof.
Both of us were extra cautious about Rog working on the roof (since my ladder accident a couple years ago that resulted in broken wrist and ankle). For extra security, he tied a support rope from the other side of the building and he nailed boards across the shingles to create treads. I spotted him whenever he was up there.
The chimney must extend two feet beyond the peak of the roof. Our stove is in the southwest corner of the building, which meant a very tall chimney.
Once the chimney was perpendicular, two guy wires were attached from a girdle around the chimney to the roof. They are called "guy wires", but actually they are metal tubes.
Rog connected the chimney to the stove just as it was getting dark. Then we built a small fire in the stove to see if it worked. What do you know? It worked! It is going to be a cozy little building.

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