Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Better Mousetrap

I have four mousetraps set up in the barn, but none have ever caught a mouse.

We store organic dried corn for the poultry and for cow treats in several large garbage cans on the north end of the barn. Two days ago when I went to scoop corn for the geese there was a cute little mouse who had fallen into a nearly empty corn can. I went about finishing chores and forgot he was in there.

Yesterday morning there were two mice in the bottom of the can! Now what? If we still had all the roosters I would have tipped them out and the roosters would have made short work of them, but we only have a few roosters now and I don't want the mice to escape and establish new well-nourished mouse families. I left the mice there to ponder what to do and forgot again.

So today when I went to feed the geese there were THREE mice in there! What am I going to do with them? (certainly NOT put then in a cage for pets, as one daughter suggested!)


gz said...

would a cat go in and eat the mice?
Probably wouldn't work if you tipped them out, the cat would play with her food and said food would escape!!

Becky said...

What about trapping them in a mason jar and releasing them far, far away? They are awfully cute :)

gz said...

they may be cute, but rodents carry serious diseases and are doubly incontinent....