Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hen Dilemma

When I head out in the morning to do the chores, my first stop is the chicken coop. The moment I open the door one of my favorite hens, Red Zinger, hops out, bustling off to her favorite laying spot. She has selected the cows' hay server in the loafing shed as the premier laying spot.
Apparently she hasn't figured out that it is not the most reliable site for laying an egg. This metal hay cage is designed to prevent the cows from spilling so much hay on the floor and wasting it. They pull mouthfuls of hay out as they munch and the nesting material is soon devoured from the bottom up. Today I watched for quite a while as Red tried to get settled in and the oblivious cows kept disrupting her nest. Red became all flustered as the hay was pulled out from under her, but she persisted in trying to arrange a new spot.

She must have finally given up or else the cows consumed all of the hay before she accomplished her task. Many mornings I find an egg on the floor beneath the feeder, where it has fallen through the bars and landed safely on the straw bedding, but I didn't find one today.


Becky said...

That's hilarious!! She must be so disappointed each day when she sees her nest disappear before her very eyes.

Shari from Big Yellow Farmhouse said...

This is so funny! We've experienced hens running to the barn to lay their eggs, but not in such a precarious spot as this. Bless her heart, she is determined!!