Friday, October 21, 2011


A hard frost last night means the official end of the gardening season.  Secretly, I have been sort of eagerly anticipating it so I could finally give up on those darn tomatoes.
I hate to lose the brilliant marigolds though, which have made the garden look so appealing for so long.
I'll harvest the last beets today. Maybe roast some chicken, squash and beets for dinner.
The amazing chard will probably not be phased by the frost.  I have been harvesting a big armload of chard leaves every day for the very appreciative cows.
The grass had spiky shards of frost.
It's nice to have a few weeds for frost photos.
There are a few short sunflowers (just a couple feet tall) that Bethany planted with the fall sowing.  They haven't quite bloomed yet, but at least this one, thanks to its cozy muff, looks to have survived the frost.
I was overjoyed that the frost only settled in the low area, the garden, and the plantings by the house seemed mostly escaped freezing.  My sisters are arriving tonight from Arizona and Montana (woohoo!) and I am happy that they will be greeted by the morning glories blooming on the front gate.


Marie said...

wow -- nice pix's ... love the morning glory's happyness with just a few seeds.

Dawn said...

You have such a wonderful and beautiful place. Someday I would love to visit! Thanks for sharing!

gz said...

the frost is trying here, but not so hard yet..time to get the garlic planted!!

gz said...

just seen a post on the forum about bees and nicotinoids that you should read :-)