Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Morning Glorious

All summer the morning glories have been growing happily, smothering the picket fence. They have been covered with buds since August, but only in the last week or so have they  begun blooming profusely.
"Heavenly Blue," with that incredible sky-blue hue, is my favorite variety of morning glory (but I like them all.)
 As the flowers fade, they become tinged with pink
and they fold in on themselves like a crumpled tissue.
Then they suck it up and clasp their contents tightly to their bosom.
They are truly a glorious addition to morning, complete with their own little sunrise in the center of the bloom.


gz said...

just when you think that it is all about red and orange!

Illoura said...

Are you a Pisces by any chance? Your description of the flower is so poetic, I couldn't help but ask...
My blues died out much quicker than the purple ones I have. They are so delicate!

Thanks for sharing something so pretty.