Thursday, October 20, 2011

Zen Den

This post is primarily for the benefit of Bethany, our summer intern. When I stated on FB that I was going to  transform my chaotic office into a Zen-like, space, she wrote "Zen-like? I'll believe that when I see it!"

She knows me too well.  Every week all summer I would proclaim that I was going to tackle my overflowing office - but it never happened.  Too much farming going on.

Last week I decided the only hope was to tear out absolutely everything, including the huge, dark built-in desk and cabinet unit, and start from scratch. The desk unit was kind of an impressive office system, but custom-designed for the former owner's technology and not suited to my needs or aesthetic. I prefer my hodge-podge thrift-store style. Now the office walls are painted a serene periwinkle hue and my entire farming library fits above my (vintage IBM) desk.
On the downside, all the stuff cleared out of my office got piled in the dining room for sorting and purging - this is just a portion of it. It took me three days to redo the office but has taken another five days so far to weed through the papers and supplies.  Some of the files, journals, correspondence, drawings and mementos go back to high school and college days and I am trying to be ruthless.  Making progress, though-- by the end of today the dining room will be back in service. 


Sinz of my SmithGang said...

That looks Great! Our Bedroom is the storage catch all I need to just plunge into it and do the same one thing,but what holds me back FEAR!! But there is pecans to pick up ,baby to keep n 3 school kids never enough time ...sigh oneday! Love the color of the room too,Enjoy:)

Bethany Ringdal said...

Miracles can happen! I believe it! Brendan and I are ogling and "wow"-ing appropriately.