Friday, September 30, 2011

18 Days After Planting Seeds

The fall plantings in the high tunnel are growing quickly!  This is how everything looked this morning when I rolled up the side for ventilation.  Actual rows!
The radishes are the furthest along. They are Watermelon radishes - large and mild with magenta interiors and pale green exteriors.
Two rows each of red Bull's Blood beets and Golden beets.
The red beets, close up.
This is the Biondi di Lyon chard. So far, it's a bit larger than the rainbow chard one bed over.
These grassy straggles will be baby leeks
and these are scallions.
The broccoli raab is growing exuberantly.
Carrots were the last to emerge and even they are getting their first true leaves now.
This weekend I need to weed, mulch, thin the rows
and seed grass on the bare ground outside the high tunnel.


Mary Ann said...

That's a lot of hard work past, and hard work to come!

gz said...

I like the sound of those watermelon radishes

boon said...

is this first time planting fall garden, will those vegetables be ok before they ready to be harvest.

very nice set up.
thanks for sharing.

Susan said...

Yes, this is our first time trying extended season gardening and growing in a high tunnel. I am using Eliot Coleman's book The Winter Harvest Handbook as my guide. He's from Maine, so if he can grow in winter there, I should be abel to in MN! I expect to harvest November into December. When it gets really cold I will use row covers inside the high tunnel (which won't be heated.) It's an adventure.