Monday, September 19, 2011

New Little Sprouts!

It's feeling a little bit like spring today. We had a very much-needed gentle, soaking rain yesterday.   Today it is sunny and warmer and everything is noticeably greener and perky.  Most springlike of all, we have five new keets (guinea hen chicks)!
Guineas are notoriously unsuccessful mothers, so when Brendan found a clutch of guinea eggs out in the pasture we took the eggs and replaced the eggs under a broody hen with the guinea eggs. That hen was soon joined by another broody hen, who snuggled in beside her,  collaborated on incubating the eggs the past few weeks, and now they are co-mothers.
Those little keets are so fast, they might need two moms to keep them rounded up.
Meanwhile, out in the  greenhouse: A week ago today, I planted the newly-erected high tunnel.  Amazingly, we already have sprouts in most of the beds!  The broccoli raab was the first to emerge, the first few sprouts visible on Saturday. Now you can even discern the rows.
Closer-up view of the broccoli raab.
The first Bull's Blood Beets are pushing through today.  In addition, the radishes, kale, spinach, claytonia and Asian greens are up! (I'll spare you photos until they are a bit more impressive.) Still no sign of the  leeks, scallions, carrots or chard, which take longer to germinate.

Usually, I can't shake that  impending-winter-melancholy feeling in the fall, but all this springlike growth may keep it at bay this year.


Susan said...

Update - when I went out to water tonight i discovered the chard is also beginning to sprout!

gz said...

Good to see it all, if only in pictures

Melody said...

I love your watchful hens! We have 2 broodys at the moment, one just hatched out two chicks. I have to say these babies are one of the best parts of all this farm-y stuff.