Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Greenhouse-Raising

We celebrated Labor Day by laboring - erecting the frame of our high-tunnel greenhouse.  We were blessed with some awesome assistance--two families who connected with us at the Farmers Market.  Here, Chad screws together the five lengths of each of the the ten arched beams.
The first beam is carried out to the  prepared site.
The first arched beam is successfully inserted into the pipes dug into the ground.
The arch is adjusted to be plumb, then secured to the ground in three spots.
The second arch is moved into place.

Each successive arch went faster than the one before it.
Two down, eight to go.

The "twist of the wrist" connectors.
Young helpers.
The last arch!
After the  arches were erected, 5 rows of purlins were attached at  joints of the arches and the peak.
The bottom purlins could be reached by ladders
But ladders had to be elevated on the pickup bed to attach the upper purlins.
This was the most nerve-wracking part (at least for an observer who has experienced a ladder accident.)
 In the meanwhile, baseboards were being secured at the bottom. This job was harder than it looks - along one side a trench had to be hand-dug in the hard-packed clay soil. The cows watched curiously.
The last few sections of the last purlin!
Ready for the plastic to be stretched (on a future day.)
We wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all of our wonderful volunteer workers! We could not have gotten this structure erected without you!


gz said...

Looking good! Wishing you a warm and windless day for the plastic.

Becky said...

Looks fantastic!!! I hope to have one of these greenhouses on my future farm. It's part of the mental picture I keep in my head to help keep my dream alive. :)

katiegirl said...

Great work! It's so great to have friends help you with projects like that! Can't wait to see it finished.

The Luddite said...


Rosebud said...

That is one impressive high tunnel!

We have, or will soon again have, three high tunnels, but ours are made with rebar and PVC pipes, and they're quite a bit smaller.

Good luck to you with all your farm ventures! I'm excited that I now understand what you're talking about in your blog. Before, I wouldn't have even had any idea what a high tunnel was!

Yeah farm internship!