Saturday, September 17, 2011

September Prairie

This evening Rog and I found a few minutes to walk the mowed path through the prairie.  Currently the prairie is  a sea of asters and goldenrod.
We didn't notice any signs of wild parsnip - Bethany and Brendan must have prevailed against it earlier this summer.
Goldenrod is often unfairly blamed for fall allergies.  I am so glad this is a desirable native plant here- we have enough to battle with wild parsnips, buckthorn, burdock and thistles!
Blue bottle gentian is abundant right now, but the creamy gentian is pretty much finished blooming.
There are a few rose-colored  gentian, apparently resulting from a   cross between the  blue and creamy.
The  highbush cranberries are spectacular.
Dogwood berries.
The wild grapes are also gorgeous - ready to be harvested for wine.
We met an argiope spider that has chosen to live in the wilds of the prairie rather than the civilized garden.
I took lots of photos of sumac leaves because they are so pretty right now - but I will only subject you to a few.
Most of the fall colors  are currently due to the sumac, but I am afraid everything  else is close behind.
Can't hep but love them, though.


Anonymous said...

OH WOW!! (:

gz said...

So much!
So many dyeplants too.

The dogwoods here have berries this year too

The Luddite said...

lovely photos - thanks!

katiegirl said...