Thursday, September 15, 2011

Definitely Fall

We did get frost last night. We had covered as much as we could in the garden, but left the chard and kale to fend for themselves. They are so tough!
Squash that extended beyond the protection of the covers did not fare so well.
All the tomatoes survived.  I wish I had found more of these large, sheer $1 curtain panels from Salvation Army- great tomato covers!
Marigolds recovered, despite not being covered.
In anticipation of the frost, Bethany and Brendan had harvested all the remaining squash and pumpkins. Here they are spread out on the  flower cart to cure.
This morning we gathered up all the sheets, curtains and tablecloths  we had used as covers and hung them on the line to dry out, Brendan looked like a sheet monster hauling a load of them from the garden to clothesline.

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fairegarden said...

Lovely frost photos! Sheer curtains, what a good idea to use for protective coverings. Your squash harvest is beautiful.