Thursday, November 3, 2011

Just What We Needed!

More chickens!

I don't even know how many chickens we have, about 60, I think.  We should probably be reducing our chicken population, since they don't even earn their keep by laying eggs in the winter (I  don't use lights and days are short enough that we are only getting about 3 eggs a day now.)

But this afternoon, a sweet family drove in and asked if I wanted a few chickens - their four hens they had raised since they were Easter chicks last spring.  The chickens just happened to be with them in a box in their car...

The hens were extremely pretty (a Buff Orpington, a Rhode Island Red, a Partridge Rock, and a perhaps a Silver Penciled Rock, are my guesses) and very tame from being handled extensively.  How could I say no? We put them in a crate where they will stay inside the coop for a couple days until the other chickens get to know and accept them.

It turns out these folks are our neighbors- they live about a mile down the road.  They are very welcome to come visit their chickens now and then!  

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CrazyChicken said...

How nice of those neighbors!
You shouldn't feel too bad, look at all the birds I have out here and I only get a bantam pullet egg about every other day now. Once they are all in the big, new house, then maybe I will start seeing a few more again. I am still working diligently on getting it all done. I am down to just 3 doors needing wire on them on the inside and the outside pens are framed but need wire (tomorrow's job). I need gates too on the outside, but soon they will all be able to get into the new house overnight at the very least. Old Man Winter is breathing down my neck, so I better get them all in.
I hope the JGs are doing well at your place.
Happy Holidays to you and yours, Susan!