Sunday, November 20, 2011

Turkey Delivery

The big freezer is nearly empty as families pick up their Thanksgiving turkeys.  This afternoon. Maynard and Kris and their two delightful granddaughters got their turkey and several other  feast ingredients from our farm: chard, honey, and sugar pie pumpkins.
The girls were a bit scared of the chickens and  dogs, but loved the cows (maybe because they were behind a gate.) After checking out the chicken coop and the barn, they were curious about who lives in this little house. 
Such cuties! They keep their grandparents on their toes!


gz said...

looks like enough snow to be interesting!

Becky said...

What a nice, big turkey! They look so happy with their Thanksgiving feast fixings. :)
Your snow looks so pretty. I'm ready for winter weather but North Carolina keeps giving me 70* days. I know I should enjoy them and be grateful but I'm ready to eat soup and bundle up on the couch. :)

gz said...

Thought you might like to read this, posted by Tavascarow on the forum