Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Weasel Takes a Mouse, Hi Ho the Derry-o

If you live on a farm, in the fall you are probably destined to get a mouse coming in, looking for a warm place for winter. Last night, about 3 a.m., we were awakened to the unmistakable squeaking sound of a mouse being caught by a cat. Caught and let go and pouncing sounds and caught again and let go -- it had to be Weasel playing with it.  Both of the other cats take their mouse-catching much more seriously.  This morning, no sign of a dead mouse; it must have gotten away.

Just now as I was on my computer I heard it again. I grabbed my camera and followed Weasel as she raced down the steps into the basement, mouse in mouth.  Of course she let it go.
I swear she has a pact with that mouse. I know one of the other cats will get it soon, though.

I have read that to mouse-proof your house you must block every opening as big as the eraser on a pencil or they can get in.  Even though we have weather-stripping on the bottom of our front door, there is still a tiny opening about the size of a pencil eraser where the doors meet, not to mention how frequently the doors are opened, letting cats and dogs (and possibly mice) in and out every day. However, I can rest easier knowing that any mouse that chooses to live in this house will not last long, thanks to Shamu and Orange, the real farm cats.

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katiegirl said...

Aw, Weasel is just trying to make friends. :-) Good thing your other cats are on the look out!