Sunday, January 15, 2012

Not Your Usual January

How did I miss I more than a week without blogging?  It's not because we have been taking it easy  - so much is going on! I have managed to take a few photos most days though, and will try to catch up a bit.

Usually I look forward to January as a time  to sort of hibernate, read books,  catch up on inside projects. This year is so weird. Until a couple days ago we had no snow.We had over 60 degree temperatures  in January! That's just not right.

Currently, I am working very hard to complete a new batch of paintings for my art show in February -that's less than two weeks away!  I lost a few days to painting this week because I presented at at the Minnesota Organics conference in St. Cloud on Friday (about farm interns - we were a case study) and  at a library event last night (about eating local foods - I was the show-and-tell local farmer,)
The days are getting noticeably longer and already egg production is picking up. In December we were only getting three or four eggs a day, but now most days we are collecting a dozen.  So, I made farm-fresh deviled eggs for the local foods presentation at the library.  My co-presenter, Dave, demonstrated a local chicken pasta meal, and I provided the salad, picked entirely from our high tunnel, comprised of  spinach, claytonia, chard, kale, beet greens, radishes, carrots, scallions and pansies.  It is so incredible to be harvesting beautiful garden produce in January!
The warm weather has certainly reduced our our fuel oil expense this year, especially compared to last winter, which was so unrelentingly cold. The fuel oil delivery guy also seems a lot cheerier this winter, working in such balmy temps.

We finally did get some snow a couple days ago.  During morning chores, Jitterbug looked like she had been sifted with  confectioners sugar.
Lindyhop looked a bit like a big, snowy polar bear.
There wasn't enough snow to require getting out the snow blower, but it did motivate us to replace the scoop on the wovel.  (The scoop had broken when the wovel slipped from its storage spot in the garage rafters last fall.) The driveway didn't really need shoveling, but I used the wovel on it anyway, just because I kind of miss the routines of real winter.

Then, we took a little walk through the prairie to savor the snow.

More snow would be welcome.


gz said...

It is definitely not your usual January. We are still snowless here, which feels wrong after the past years.
I've to take pots to North Wales in a week, to submit to a gallery-just hope that doesn't get snowed off!

madpotter1 said...

Has been warm here in northeaster Ohio. Until last weekend when we were gifted with 25" of the white stuff.
Getting around has been interesting :)

katiegirl said...

Your eggs are gorgeous! We've had balmy weather too, and as much as I appreciate not breaking thick ice on the animal water, I'd appreciate an actual winter!

It's so great you guys are still getting greens from the high tunnel!