Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Scupltures

We have scarcely any snow yet this winter, perhaps two inches on the ground right now at most. So I was delighted while taking a back road home today to be driving along a hilltop cornfield where all the snow had blown into the ditch, deep enough for the wind to create snow sculptures.
The barren cornfield. Don't let that brilliant blue sky fool you --it was very cold with a brisk breeze and my fingers were instantly numb.  Why do I always get inspired to take snow photos on such nippy days?
Sharp shadows highlight the windswept snow sculptures.
This snow sculpture looked like a jumbled pile of gigantic books..
Snow with Dairy Queen curls.
Weeds, snow, wind, sunshine and shadows - what a great combination


Tom Stewart said...

Boy! I hate to tell you that it was 60 today! I was working on a stand for the Rabbits and started the day out with a sweatshirt on, But took it off, It was to hot with it on!

Bee Girl said...

These photos are absolutely gorgeous! I love how dramatic nature can be in it's creation of beauty!

gz said...

That fine coating of snow can reveal so much that we'd normally miss

Creations by Dina said...

Altough we gripe about the cold that comes with the snow, it truly is so beautiful and one of God's great miracles!