Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stepping into 2012

The bedraggled, underachiever Brugmansia plant that I hauled in from the patio last fall and put in the bathroom "solarium" for the winter has just created a lovely trumpet-shaped blossom, which seems like a good omen for the new year and an appropriate image for trumpeting our goals for 2012.

We have lots of plans, dreams, and ideas- probably more than we can actually achieve, but we shall see what rises to the top:

1. Create a fish pond in the old silo foundation and  raise fish for food. It will be an aquaponics system, where the fertilized water will nourish the plants growing in the high tunnel greenhouse, and the plants would  filter the water for the fish.
2. Offer a mini-CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscription.  Our CSA will offer flexible farm fare, including veggies, berries, eggs,  chicken, honey,  herbs, plant starts and an added benefit may be a discount on Profound Objects in the Farm Store.
3 Finish my new garden shed! And also renovate the flower cart.
4. The CSA and the garden shed will require an expansion of the vegetable garden. Plus we have additional growing area in the high tunnel to plan.
5.  Attempt to start training Lindy to be an ox so that he won't have to meet the alternative fate...
6. Interns --to host or not to host? --we haven't decided about this one yet. We would have to find exactly the right  people.
7. Put new roofs on several farm buildings, most urgently the house.
8. Get a real cheese press before milk season begins when the calves are born (the first week of July.)
9. Consider acquiring a couple goats for weed control.
10. Finish the farm website.
11. Keep an eye out on Craigslist for a good deal on a used hot tub to soothe hard-working, middle-aged muscles.
12. Paint a farm sign and join the Convention & Visitors Bureau to promote our store.

I also have a few personal  resolutions:
1. Complete one painting per week.
2. Learn to play 3 songs on the mandolin (an ambitious goal, since I cannot play the mandolin yet.)
3. Build a large concrete sculpture (I will allow that to substitute for several paintings)
4. Get back into the yoga routine.
5. Lose 15 lb.  I should resolve 20, like I do every year, but I would be delighted to even lose 15.
6. Breathe deep/Remember to relax and savor the moment/Kiss my sweetheart more often

It's going to be a full, fulfilling year!


Marcia said...

I'm already tired reading your list. Good luck with those resolutions!

Camp Amnicon said...

oh man, you're making me homesick again! We have a retreat of lovely women here, and I made them bread in our oven (!!!) and got to talk about the farm... I miss you dreadfully, and even though we're committed here through the summer, I'm just loathe to give up that garden to any other interns! We miss you dreadfully.

Dawn Sanborn said...

i have a couple male goats you could use - as long as you promise not to eat them.

mick said...

Hello! Wondering how your microgreens project panned out. Has it continued to evolve and is there a good market for them??
Best to you this year!

Susan said...

Hi Mick,
The County Health Dept decided I could not sell sprouts without a commercial kitchen. There is conflicting info about the rules from Mn Dept of Ag, but since life was crazy with two new calves and cow milking and cheesemaking, and our state gov't was shut down at the time, I didn't pursue it. I could have continued the microgreens operation, because they grow in soil, but I elected not to at that time. I had one small-scale regular restaurant customer, but it needed a lot of attention to grow that business.