Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Most Beautiful Wedding and Some Pretty Pigs

We arrived home late last night from a quick jaunt to Vancouver, Washington, where we had travelled for the wedding of our niece, Annie, to her true love, Sean.  It was a beautiful and fun event, and we were so happy to celebrate with Roger's family.  We wish Annie and Sean many decades of happy adventures together.
It was a whirlwind trip so we did not have time for touristy explorations, but we realized we were very close to the farm of a former colleague of Rog's and could stop for a few minutes on our way to the airport yesterday morning.  April used to work as an engineer in Rochester, but returned to farm near Vancouver, where she grew up.  April and her husband Brad have April Joy Farm, a picturesque, 28-acre farm where they raise a spectrum of organic vegetables and heritage pork. They operate a veggie CSA,  sell produce to restaurants and markets, and sell their farm-processed pork directly to customers.
We accompanied April to feed her Tamworth pigs, a pretty red breed with big ears. Ginger and MaryAnn are the two newly-acquired young sows.
Rosie is the queen of the farm. She is due to have piglets next week. I wish I could have seen the newborn piglets, but probably a good thing  they hadn't arrived yet or I would have been so tempted to  sneak one home on the plane!
April acquired Rosie when she was only 30  pounds--she is about 700 pounds now.  She is a beauty.
April built this enviable chicken tractor on an old  trailer her brother had. In the background you can see some of the table grapes, planted the first year she bought the farm. There is also a small orchard and a large, new high tunnel greenhouse on the farm.
What fun to see an old friend and kindred spirit and her amazing enterprise! We hated to leave this idyllic farm (not to mention the beautiful green, spring morning) so soon, but we had to get home to our own sweet little farm - and a foot of fresh snow.

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Quinn said...

I've raised a few Hamp/York pigs in years past, and when I had the room to keep a sow I wanted to raise Tams. When I did the research about ten years ago I actually found two breeders in my part of MA! Unfortunately, even little weaners were CRAZY expensive, so I had to let that particular idea go. They are lovely, aren't they?
Bet you were glad to see home, even with the new snow :)