Monday, March 18, 2013

So Happy for Yet Another Snowstorm...Not!

Even though I really do like snow, I was dismayed to wake up to another snowstorm today.  We are so ready for spring!
In another another month or so, if we are lucky, the ground under these trees should be carpeted with blue violets and scilla, and soon after, Virginia bluebells.  So hard to imagine on a day like this.
Yesterday, Cadence, Rog and  trudged through the garden, wistfully noting where things will be planted, if the snow ever melts.
This morning I spent two hours snowblowing out the driveway, and in the afternoon, did it again because the wind had filled it back in.

Hairstyle after snow blowing (Not to mention the snow that blew in my face or went down my neck.) This is one reason I prefer the wovel!


Cheri said...

I'm with you! So done with the snow and cold! We were spoiled last year!

Tami said...

But you look like you're enjoying it so much!!! @;)

Lovely pics and you paint a wonderful picture envisioning what next month will bring.

Hang in there!

SmithGang said...

Everything looks beautiful in the snow and your little cottage yall painted late summer just shines out there!! But as frost is my only snow I can't imagine shoveling that .. your hairpic is just stunning:)

Gardeningbren said...

Well, at least you're smiling. ))

Done with the snow, more tonight in Nova Scotia but like autumn snow, it will be gone before we know it. Hope yours is gone soon, and how I loved your description of the bluebells and scilla. Thank you.

Elena said... beautiful! And so much happiness!