Thursday, March 7, 2013


March is such an entertaining month for weather.
This morning we woke up to lovely hoarfrost. The animals had to wait for breakfast a bit while I took a few photos.
Sun rising over the frosty farm - what better way  to start the day?
It was that spiky kind of hoarfrost that looks soft and fuzzy from a distance.

It was a brisk morning, though, 4 degrees.
Ugly chain link fences are so much more appealing with hoarfrost.
The Norway spruce windbreak looked like a winter fairytale forest.
By the afternoon it had warmed up considerably and icicles were dripping.  Ice weaving through the gate.
Icicles on the  loafing shed.
Ice and snow sliding off the roofs tickles me, so please humor me while I share a few more crazy ice photos...

In a few weeks the maple sap will be running, buds will be swelling, dogs will be tracking in muddy footprints and icicle season will be a vague memory. Gotta enjoy it before it melts!


Tami said...

Amazing pictures but better you than me. Brrr Freakin Brrrr!

Marcia said...

Love all those photos. We haven't had icicles like that in many winters. Our winters are warming here in MD.