Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Color! And a Scary Zaniac Afternoon

The new color for our house has been decided, and it is...Teal! A bit deeper and darker than this teal we stained the bench. The teal and crazy yellow fence combo makes me smile. And both magenta geraniums and Orange the Cat look good with it, too.
Yesterday we had a rare sunny day, so Israel began painting the south side for us. He spent most of the day washing the walls, scraping the old paint, and priming the bare spots. He was able to get a start actually applying color in the afternoon so we can get a sense whether we like it or not. I LOVE the color. This shot was taken on a dreary rainy morning (this morning) - it may be a bit lighter in the sun.
We will keep the trim  cream and the screen door bright spring green. Don't want to be too boring!
http://www.andrealbowers.com/brain-gut-connection-part-3/ hanging baskets will show up much better!
Now when it is winter and dark and dreary and gray outside, there will be some vibrant color in the landscape.  Maybe we need a peacock to coordinate our  flock with our house...
Last  year,  a friend gave me the painted lamp that had hung in the bedroom of her recently purchased house. I put it on a pedestal with a solar light inside and it was a pretty entrance to the house but that lamp was never intended for outdoors and over the winter the paint fell off.  It is now a terrarium fairy garden- planted with hens and chicks and a little figure reclaimed from the farm store.It's rather magical lit up at night!
I  got a start over the weekend on painting the arbor entrance to the bee and butterfly garden. Zinnie helped me with chores and photography this morning. The only remarkable thing about that is that yesterday she got run over by a car. She was sleeping under it and the driver did not notice and backed over her! I came out of the house just in time to hear her yelping in terror and emerging from between the front wheels of the backing car.  I am not sure who had the  greatest adrenalin was surge - me, Zinnie or the driver.
Amazingly, she had no broken bones or bleeding injuries! Her front leg was hurt but she was putting a bit of weight on it, so that was a good sign. I took her to the vet to make sure she was ok, and she is bruised a bit, but thankfully no internal injuries - she is one lucky dog! After a day of laying low and contemplating her mortality, Zinnie seems to be back to her usual zany self, limping just a bit, pestering the other pooches, assisting me with chores, and trying oh-so-hard to refrain from herding the chickens. I am so relieved- I am extremely fond of that critter!


Marcia said...

Well that's not a color you see every day on a house. Somehow I thought your house was red but I guess that was just the barns. It will be an attention grabber for sure. I think I'll stick to my dark green with cranberry trim and stone accent walls.

Jocelyn said...

I'm glad Zinnie is ok. What a scare that must have been.

I like the color. I like that it's different, and I don't find it that "out there". Good for you!

Tyche's Minder said...

I love your gold fence. I meant to say so a while ago. The teal is lovely and the picture with the green doorframe is wonderful. I wish I had your color sense. I don't think I could pull this kind of thing off. Not even close.

Molly said...

I love all the teals in your life! would you mind sharing what colors/brands they are, I am always searching for the perfect teal. your place looks great.

katiegirl said...

I LOVE the house color! That's about the same color I chose for the doors to our house. It looks so pretty with the yellow fence!

What a scare for you and Zinnie! Glad she's ok!