Monday, June 24, 2013

The Most Glorious Window

Our dear friend Stephanie Podulke surprised us with the most incredible piece of art yesterday -   a large stained glass mandala depicting our Squash Blossom Farm logo!  Here it is, set in the west window of the living room set, with light streaming though as the sun began to set.
And here it is in the north window where it will be hung. Stephanie chose opalescent glass so the colors will be vibrant even when the light is not shining directly through -- she knew that we watch the sunrise from the east windows and the bird feeding activity from the west windows, so would probably hang it in the north window.  Plus, when this  beautiful mandala fills the north window, it is what you see across the room as you enter the front door of the house.

Stephanie designed the window and cut the glass, and her key assistant at Rochester Stained Glass, Darin Smith, constructed it. He framed it in the twisted lead edging that was one of Mike Podulke's innovations -perfect for a vining squash blossom design!

We are so thrilled to have this spectacular work gracing our home. Thank you, thank you, Stephanie and Darin! Wow. Just, wow.


Marcia said...

That is very lovely. What a nice gift.

Susan said...

I especially love the yellow squashblossom glass. In the first photo you can see its texture better --i think it is called "ring mottle."

Marie said...


katiegirl said...

What a beautiful piece of art!

woodysrockyridge said...