Monday, August 5, 2013

Bee & Butterfly Garden

 It was a very busy and productive weekend with pretty much perfect summer weather.  Rog and I baked for the Farmers Market and sold out every crumb by 11 a.m. (including a few fruit tarts that were too fragile and had broken - we weren't going to sell them but people pleaded for them!) And yesterday a great group of  folks showed up to  hear some of the Nodding Wild Onions perform -- and some even joined in singing onstage at the end. But for me, the best accomplishment of the weekend was getting the  weedy, overgrown, embarrassing Bee & Butterfly Garden presentable.
We weeded at least eight piled-high wheel-barrow loads of weeds and grass from the garden and  along the fence!  I discovered flowers in there so obscured by overgrowth I didn't even know they were blooming.  We added 15 bags of mulch. And still need a few more.
The  south side now. When the sun shines, the fragrance that wafts up from the alyssum, roses and heliotrope is intoxicating!
The north side now.
The center circle. The green is a carpet of mostly plantain and creeping charlie. Tackling that will be next year's  improvement project.
This balancing rabbit that swings around in the breeze was one of my garden purchases at the Gold Rush antique fair last Mother's Day. 
This little sculpture was my other Gold Rush extravagance.
As we worked, I was delighted to  note that there were lots of bees and  even a few butterflies enjoying the garden! 
The catmint was absolutely humming with bees!  This garden is conveniently located about 20 feet from two of my hives.
A goldfinch on a sunflower.  Hummingbirds also zipped by as I weeded.
Turns out that cats also like this garden --Poet sleeping under a shrub.

Ever since we moved to this farm I have been dreaming of a garden view out our dining room window. I didn't realize it would also enhance the view from the kitchen window--this is now what I see while washing dishes. It is still a work in progress, but this little garden is making me very happy.


Mary Ann said...

You have the most beautiful garden, and your yellow-orange fence has been an inspiration to me this morning!

Gardeningbren said...

How absolutely lovely! Love the color on the pickets and arbour. I too look out at my garden while in the kitchen so I know how much joy yours must be bringing you.

Marcia said...

It is lovely especially that bright garden fencing! I love that I can view my gardens from my bedroom, great room, and study. It brings the outside in when you can do that.

Anonymous said...

lovely little flower garden ! I especially like the garden of good and evil girl statue ! did your hens raise any babies this year?

Tyche's Minder said...

Oh, be still my heart. I am in love with your bee and butterfly garden. It's spectacular!