Wednesday, August 28, 2013

End of Summer CSA Boxes

Since I have not had a chance to  post for a couple weeks, I decided to write a bunch of short catch-up stories rather than one interminable post. Today is CSA day, so Cadence came down from the cities last night to harvest and pack the boxes this morning.  I went out to take a few photos of this process, and caught a few turkeys relaxing on the bench.  They are such fun characters, although I prefer they not sit on the lawn furniture.
Cadence  pulled the last of the tatsoi.
She finally got to harvest the Golden Bantam sweet corn - sweet corn is really late around here this year.
Every squash blossom has its honeybee. (That's my new motto.)
Cadence picked 6.5 bushels of tomatoes this morning! (and that's after I picked a bushel last night.)  We mostly grew Cherokee Purple, Gold Medal and Federle this year, and they have been huge, abundant and delicious.
Packing the boxes...
Stacking the boxes...
Today's boxes have sweet corn, tomatoes, tatsoi, cucumbers, and either broccoli, cabbage or  one of these spectacular rosa bianca eggplants.


Bethany Ringdal said...

I'm wishing I had a CSA to send all my produce off to... especially the CUCUMBERS! Or perhaps a couple of turkeys to gobble them up. Next year, I swear, I'm only planting ONE.

Susan said...

Luckily, I happen to know you have an ace pickle maker right there!! We thought we would have a mountain of cukes, , based on our 12-foot tall vines in the greenhouse smothered in blossoms and baby cukes, but some critter has devoured all but a few. This morning Frank invited me to harvest some of his bumper crop of cukes so I am going to try making my first-ever pickles momentarily.