Thursday, August 8, 2013

Who the Heck Has been Eating all the Cucumbers??

These are the cucumber vines growing in the  high tunnel greenhouse, taller than you can reach. They are loaded with blossoms, with lots of happy bees visiting and pollinating, and  dozens of  tiny cukes starting. We have been anticipating an overabundance of cucumbers. When a neighbor generously offered us cucumbers from his overflowing garden, we  turned him down, showing him our promise of cucumbers.  He was duly impressed.
But when I went to harvest cukes for  the CSA boxes yesterday, searching  carefully through the leaves for the hidden treasures,  these were the only cucumbers I found!!  Hollowed out  shells of cucumbers, not even any baby cukes.

Judging from the texture of the tiny bites, I  am guessing mice have to be the culprits. Who would think they could climb so high on the vines and wreak such total devastation?!  I am setting traps tomorrow morning - hope they like peanut butter better than cucumbers.
Any advice out there?


Scott said...

Do you see any droppings?

Julie said...

Do you want to borrow a couple of rat terriers over night?

Ken said...

Had the same issue last year, they ate everything! Corn on the stalk, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers. I used the homemade 5 gallon bucket mouse trap with about five inches of water in the bottom. (should be able to get plans for it on youtube) I caught 28 mice in one night. From the sounds of it, you have a rather large mouse population.. a few traps may not cut it.

Gardeningbren said...

Oh how disappointing. good luck tonight. Chipmunks climb too but not sure they have a taste for cukes. Likely mice as you suggest.

Marcia said...

Sorry about the cukes!

Susan I upped my pledged on Kickstarter. I thought I could select two rewards totally $50 but it wouldn't let me so I was limited to the $50 one only. But I'd rather have your Tshirt and the elderberry jelly if you can swing that.

I hope you make it!

Tyche's Minder said...

I wish I had a picture of the eviscerated oranges on our trees back in CA to share. Some creature I never did identify could hang upside from the tree limbs, drill a small hole in the side of an orange, and completely suck the flesh and juice out, leaving just the clean shell hanging from the branch. It was frustrating, but also pretty impressive. :) Alot like your cucumbers.