Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Calf is Born (finally)

Last Monday, LaFonda finally had her calf - a little bull calf that looks more like his Jersey father than like LaFonda. This is him a couple hours after he was born. Both Mom and  baby are doing great.

If you are squeamish about such things as birth, you may not want to read the rest of the post.
After spending a couple of sleepless nights, thinking LaFonda was in the early stages of labor and getting up every hour to go outside to check on her, I finally decided I would know she was in labor when the calf’s hooves appeared.  That is pretty much how it happened. I came home and discovered her water had just broken, so went  to get my camera and when I returned a few minutes later, the hooves had emerged (facing the way that indicates a normal birth, whew!)
Soon after, the calf’s nose appeared with his tongue hanging out. (Looks disconcerting, but I had read that this is normal.) As soon as his head was born, I tried to assist by pulling downward on the calf’s legs and and he slid right out.
Slippery, wet,  limp calf.  He reminded me of a wrinkly butterfly just emerged from the chrysalis before it pumps up its wings. LaFonda began licking him and he gradually came out of his stupor. Being born is exhausting work.
Wet little calf.
Jitterbug was so curious about the calf and I had to keep chasing her away.
An hour or so later, he was already up and drinking his first meal.

He is growing so fast and is so adorable -- tomorrow I will post photos of him a week old.


Marie said...

kind of a cute little bugger isn't he!

Julie said...

He's a good looking young man! What's his name?

Cheri said...

Oh my heart ... so adorable! Thanks for sharing the birth photos!