Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tea Party!

Last week the farm was invaded by four dear friends from our high school days.

We shared many stories and lots of laughs. We spent a fun day perusing thrift stores. While I was preoccupied with my cow and newborn calf, they dived in and spruced up the store for its summer opening and planted flats of flowers. We decorated hats and had a fancy a garden tea party (Gayle’s Kickstarter reward.) And we took many photos of ourselves all gussied up for the tea party.

These photos make me smile. I treasure this friendship that has  stayed strong for over 30 years. Thank you, dear Seesters!


Margy said...

Truly a gift of a memory. Hope the flowers and the calf are all thriving. Here's to a bountiful summer and many years of friedship!

Julie Kelly said...

LOVE these photos! You gals are so beautiful ... looks like you had a wonderful time!