Sunday, March 22, 2015

First Snowstorm of Spring

Yesterday there was a tinge of green in the pasture; today there is a distinctly whitish cast to the landscape.  I have mixed feelings about this.  So eager for spring, but we need moisture and  I know the snow won’t last long. Plus, it is kind of a feeling of relief - I was feeling so  far behind!
Zinnie impatiently waiting for me to stop taking stupid snow photos and kick the ball for her.
This morning Rog repaired the hole in the granary siding created by Nutmeg trying to get at a rabbit two winters ago.  This little accomplishment makes me very happy.
When we walked down to check on the little pond, Zinnie and I startled two wild ducks swimming in it!  I was also surprised and didn't catch their photo in time, but you can see the ripples they left.

We may get up to 6 sloppy inches. A good excuse to hunker down and  catch up on some inside projects for a change.
Finally, a sweet shot of Lindsey, our weekend WWOOFer with Silkwood, the silkie hen. Thanks Lindsey, for your hard work pruning raspberries, organizing barn gear, pulling nails and  washing eggs!

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