Monday, March 23, 2015

Nine Inches of Fresh White

Yesterday’s snow kept up through the night and left us with about 9 inches of heavy white stuff. School was cancelled today.  It isn’t really cold out, but roads must be slippery and aren’t all plowed yet, and the wind is brisk.
This is the most picturesque kind of snow on the farm buildings and fences.
Look out below, LaFonda!


gz said...

lovely image, the driven snow on the fence

Marcia said...

It is lovely but you can keep it up there. I hope we get no more of that stuff. When is the kitchen due to open?

Susan said...

It is perfect snow-sculpture-building snow, if one had time and were in the mood!

We hope the kitchen will open first week of May...we are working like crazy on it! Has been a trick to find an available plumber with the required qualifications, so that is one frustration--the down side of a construction boom in our area.

Lowcarb team member said...

Have to say the snow makes your photo's so pretty ..... however, I'm sure you'll be pleased once its gone.

All the best Jan