Thursday, March 24, 2016

March Snowstorm

We had a lovely snowstorm during the night and awoke to the most picturesque winter day we have had all season. Plus, it is warm and not windy, so it is fun to be outside in it.
The heavy, wet snow is a foot deep. Rog made a valiant attempt to snowblow a path to get to work, but the snow is totally slush underneath and our little snowblower could not master it. He is working from home today.
I shoveled out the  door to the coop- snow had  blown high against it - and decided the chickens will stay inside today.I fed the cows, then took a little photography walk with the dogs.
The barn is looking pretty spiffy with the pair of French doors.
Entrance to the pond.
The big rock and the pond. The pond is surrounded by hundreds of daffodils almost ready to bloom. They must be re-thinking that now.
The crabby tree spirit.
Back up to the barns.
I love when the snow blasts the  buildings like this.
Barn door.
The sliding barn door is frozen open, so blowing snow blanketed the chicken feed cans inside.
Moji loves the snow, but it sure is exhausting for a short dog to bound through a foot of heavy snow!


Illoura said...

I just love seeing your farm scenes- even the bleak winter ones.
I posted a pic of your barn on one of my very old blog posts - talking about barn art. (Don't worry, I credited your blog page and farm as the source)

But I did have a question! When I looked closer at your photo, I noticed the green-framed cart with yellow wheels, to the left of the barn. I want a pony -specifically to pull a cart like that... lol, but I'm putting the cart before the pony. Unfortunately, I will have to make one myself somehow... and am currently obsessed with figuring out how to go about doing that. I think it would be a cute way to market fresh produce.
Any chance you could blog up a little info on your cart? It might be useful info to those of us out here (me) who keep dreaming farm dreams... even little ones like mine seem out of reach. How you use yours? Who pulls it? Do you transport it?

Thanks for continuing to share your beautiful life on a beautiful farm in beautiful country.

Susan said...

Hi Illoura,

Thanks for following my farm adventures and highlighting Squash Blossom Farm on your blog!

That little cart is actually a Flower cart, I think. We use it to sometimes sell flowers or produce, and it has been used at our events to sell honey and t-shirts, and sometimes at weddings for the guest book or gifts.

I have posted about it a couple times - it was blue when we got it, but we painted it green with yellow wheels (what a pain to paint those wheels!)to fit our farm colors better. It really needs a new top- hoping to put an arched or peaked top on it this spring.
Here are a couple past posts:

You are right - time for a new post about the flower cart--I will do that when we get it all spruced up.

Linda said...

Beautiful photos! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada! :)

Illoura said...

Thanks, Susan!
I just realized you are only an hour's drive from where we landed - in Albert Lea (hopefully soonish up to Owatonna where we're starting a Produce growing business soon- without any dirt).
Maybe someday we'll chance to go wandering in your area -maybe see you and the cart at a Market. (for now we are ensconced in busy times)... meantime, I'm learning a LOT from you on what it is like to live in this state! I really appreciated your page on the Prairie in June. This is a beautiful state, but I haven't seen much of it yet, and you have a keen eye for observation of the things I really care about!