Sunday, March 20, 2016


 Yesterday afternoon was eggstraordinary! We held a  Ukrainian Easter Egg ("Pysanky") class in the barn.  The dyes were prepared and a basket of Pysanky eggs offered inspiration.
Darin Smith taught the class. Squash Blossom Farm provided both regular chicken eggs and large duck eggs, which Darin  had blown out ahead using a special  drill tool.
Guidelines were sketched lightly on the eggs and then the design was drawn on with  wax; the wax was colored black for better visibility on the white eggs.
The tool for applying the wax is called a "kistka." A bit of the wax is scooped into the reservoir, then the tip of the kistka is heated over a candle. The wax melts and flows through a small tip so you can draw your design on the egg.
You have to think in reverse--wherever you  put wax will preserve the color beneath. So, the first drawing on a bare egg will be white lines. Then you dye the egg your lightest color (this one is yellow, for instance) and draw onto that layer to preserve the areas you want yellow.
And so on through the spectrum of colors in your design.
Brenda waxing her koi design.
After all the layers are completed, the egg is carefully warmed over the candle and the wax wiped off. Then it may be varnished for extra sheen and protection.
 It seemed like fun was had by all!
All of the eggs were spectacular!
A gallery of a few of the completed eggs...

Ricky's Batman egg!
I made a Squash Blossom egg
with a honeybee on the back,
and an egg encircled by hens and chicks.
I think this will have to be an annual class so we can all add to our Pysanky collections!

Thanks to Darin for sharing his expertise, to Laurel for making a delectable poundcake from the blown duck eggs to provide us sustenance, and to everyone who attended the class!


Marcia said...

I have enjoyed making those eggs too. Never have had duck eggs to use though. I pump the eggs out after they are decorated. I have a glass bowl of them on display in the front hall right now. Loved the koi one and your chicken scene best.

2 Tramps said...

What beautiful eggs! And such fun for all, too. Thanks for sharing!