Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday Morning Blues

Spring has had a little set-back. It was so pretty, watching the snow out the window while we drank our morning coffee, we decided to go for an early morning walk before chores.  Everything is muffled and blue.
Sorry  'Fonda,  you will have top wait a bit for breakfast.
For some reason, three  guineas chose not to go into the  coop last night, so they spent the night in a tree being snowed upon.
The little pond is so pretty when snowy but not iced over.
You can't tell now, but under that snow hundreds of daffodils have emerged around the pond.

An artful vine by the big rock.
Further on, into the prairie.
Branches aiming to drop snow down the back of your neck when you pass beneath.
Dancing in the snow.
Back up the hill to the barns and waiting chores.

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Illoura said...

I am hopeful to see a photo of that pond surrounded by daffodils!