Thursday, February 12, 2009

February Thaw

Last week the farm was pretty much covered by two feet of snow and the fields in the distance were white. Amazing how a few gray days of warm rain and blustery winds can change everything. I was at the CERTS conference in St. Cloud and when I returned home last night the snow was nearly gone. We were blessed with a bit of sunshine this afternoon.
Even in the woods, where it is shaded, the ground is nearly bare. There is the delicious scent of spring in the air! It's hard not to feel a bit giddy, but we know better than to get too excited. We still have at least two months of winter to go.
Sara and Cadence tended the chickens and the sprouts while I was gone. The chickens seem to have grown! There are three roosters--this one, who is getting to be rather cocky, a buff-colored rooster that is a bit smaller, and the disabled aracanua rooster, whom we are worried about. We are giving him a bit of extra attention, making sure he gets to the food and water and under the infrared light at night, but since he can't move very well he may not be able to retain his body warmth as well. As long as he can sort of fend for himself and doesn't seem to be suffering we will keep him around.

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Susan Tomlinson said...

That snow was surely good for the soil, but how nice it must feel to see a bit of sunshine!