Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Progress of the Projects

Last week, Cadence spent a couple of extremely cold days attaching 2x4's to the granary floor to support the new subfloor. We were able to find nearly enough scrap lumber on the farm to do the job.
Nutmeg supervised.
On Friday we pulled our trusty little trailer to Minneapolis where we got salvaged particle board for $3 a sheet at the ReUse Center. We also discovered a building supply liquidation center that had a fabulous deal on insulation. Our Vibe got very crummy gas mileage pulling this un-aerodynamic load home.

Rog and Cadence got the insulation and subfloor installed over the weekend. Some of the particle board has to be screwed down yet.
In the meanwhile, I screened off the top of the partition wall in the chicken coop/potting shed (I don't know if chickens could fly over it, but better safe than sorry) and installed a door. It's a rather fancy door for a chicken coop, but it was only $4 at the ReUse Center.

Sara built some snowpigs to add an agrarian element to a our farmyard.
She assigned the curly tails to me. Hey-they were challenging!


Susan Tomlinson said...

Oh, some very clever building going on there! I do like the little door on the chicken coop.

BTW--thanks for stopping by the bike garden and suggesting goldfish for the stock tank. It's a great idea! I like it much better than the mosquito cover I had planned to build.

buedamau said...

i love your blog and farm! full of adventures like some beatnick novel, with a continous plot...
and that winter picks are beautiful, i just can't wait for spring colors in yr gorgeous countryside!

farmer said...

use to live on that farm. makes me homesick to see the pictures. lmb

Susan said...

Thanks Susan and Buedamau. LMB, maybe you can come out some spring afternoon for tea in the garden! We'd love to hear your stories and about how the farm used to be.