Thursday, February 26, 2009

You Dirty Dog

I was all set to write about our crazy winter storm today--beastly, blowing snow with thunder and lightning - very weird - but I was distracted worrying about Nutmeg. She had been out in the storm for several hours, and not come when I called--not even for supper. That's worrisome.

Finally, about half an hour ago, she came to the door. We let her in --and immediately regretted it. She must have been obsessively digging in pursuit of a mouse or rabbit -she was caked in mud!

This photo is from a mole-chasing episode earlier last fall when only her feet got dirty. She has tufts of fur between her toes that collect a LOT of mud. This time she was filthy up to her belly, and the mud was frozen like ice cubes stuck to her.

I just finished giving her a bath. I am not sure which part was worse--cleaning her, or cleaning the bathtub afterward.


DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Oh, how awful! Looks like she is front left footed! My dogs don't dig, thankfully- but they get really dirty, with our rain! Then it smells like wet dog in the house- yuk! My dogs may not dig, but my little one eats things out in the yard and gets right in my cold frame- He also likes to rub in dead worms or slugs!

Tatyana said...

OMG!!! You deserve a medal for cleaning her.... and a tub! I'll go now and give a treat to my dog.

Susan said...

Nutmeg may be left-pawed, but I had cleaned the worst of the dirt off her right paw before deciding I should get a photo of her muddy feet.

You are right, nothing quite like the fragrance of wet dog! Or the smell of dog that has rolled in something rotten...dogs are so disgusting.

Randy Emmitt said...

Those are some nasty feet. Our Daisy has feet just like those, she used to be a farm dog, now she's a paradise dog. Just yesterday she got her toes clogged up with tiny snow balls like your mud balls.