Friday, July 10, 2009

A Fur and Feather Report

The farm critters are a never-ending source of entertainment. Lately, one of the free-range roosters has claimed the column at the bottom of the steps as his pedestal.
The pigs have created an awesome wallow by repeatedly dumping out their watering containers and rooting around in the resulting muck. On hot days they like to sink deep into it.
Afterwards they turn into bi-color pigs. They really love to be scratched and petted, but I have to admit I don't touch them as much as they would like because they are usually so muddy.
Cadence's second 100 broiler chickens are getting big and handsome. As soon as the first 100 chickens are harvested (next week!) they will get to leave the chicken tractors and be free range. A few have gotten out prematurely when we have moved the tractors, such as this barred rock who is outside the pen, but they seem to stick pretty close to the flock.
Lariat, the Dexter cow, has also managed to get out a few times. Either she is a master escape artist or we are pathetic fencers. Probably the latter, but we are gradually figuring out how to make cow-proof fences.
We have been using the movable electric fence with the solar charger and pasturing the cows in the front yard intermittently. They seem to like a change of venue. And new trees to nibble on.
Supposedly Dexter cows are very hardy and prefer to stay outside, even in the depths of winter. Our Dexters must be unusually wimpy. They choose to hang out in the loafing shed when it is barely even sprinkling. Lasso, the steer calf, loves to lie in the manger so I have nicknamed him "Little Lord Jesus."
The turkey chicks are now three weeks old. Somebody wrote that they must be getting ugly as they grow up. They are a bit gawky, but still rather cute, I think.

Every morning after they eat breakfast the dogs take off to explore the marshy ditch and the tall grass prairie. They return an hour or so later-- filthy, wet and exhausted, but with big grins on their faces. Here's Cocoa...
...and here's Nutmeg, happy and soggy after one of their morning forays.


katiegirl said...

Very cute! Everyone seems to be growing nicely! Love the pictures of the dogs...they seem to be very satisfied with themselves!

Anonymous said...

I love your posts and photos. Your dogs are just adorable!

Anonymous said...

Would you consider bringing some chicks to our childcare center?