Thursday, July 23, 2009

In a Fog

The past few mornings have been quite foggy, which I always find to be a bit romantic.
The garden is heavy with dew and fog lies in layers in the distant fields.
Our herd of cattle, edges glowing in the early morning sun, gets moving. This morning, Lariat gave Reuben a little bath.
While I wander around taking photos, the maniac gold cat races along with me, zooming up trees and startling chickens for fun. I think we have finally settled on the name "S'cat."
The sun has been quickly burning off the fog and the days have turned sunny (we need rain!) Half an hour after taking the foggy driveway shot, the sunflower by the patio is already glowing in the sun.


Lucy Corrander said...

The top photo is very, very lovely.

Cows are at the top of the list of my favourite creatures. Are yours Jerseys?


Anonymous said...

I love that first photo as well -- and the chicken that's in silhouette in that beautiful haze just makes the shot. Gorgeous, all of them.

Becky said...

Beautiful pictures! Your farm is just lovely.

Susan said...

We have a Dexter cow and her steer calf (the two dark brown bovines) and another sweet Jersey steer calf. Dexters are a very old Irish breed that were developed on small farmsteads, good for meat, milk and work and only about half the size of a typical cow -perfect for our tiny farm.
Thanks for all the positive feedback!

katiegirl said...

S'cat is a cute name! And your Jersey boy is sure growing!

Rhonda said...

Lovely photos. The fog is so pretty. I used to drive my kidlets to school (35 miles) and the early morning fog in the fall months was one of my favorite parts of that trip. I don't have to make that drive now...those kidlets are grown and gone...but I want to make some early morning drives this fall and look for the fog. So pretty! Your farm appears so homey and comfy. I know it's a lot of work and it's easy for your blog readers to romanticize your life, but I know it's a good one. :) I enjoy reading about it. ~~Rhonda