Thursday, July 16, 2009

July Morning in the Veggie Garden

Tomato plants sparkle with dew.
Birdhouse gourds climb the fence.
The artichokes are choking up!
Eggplant blossoms blooming purple.
Yellow zucchinis are growing, soon to be coming out of our ears.
Squash blossoms can now be found at Squash Blossom Farm.


gz said...

The Birdhouse Gourd plant is attractive.
What are the gourds like, and what do you do with them?

gz said...

Ah, now I see- looked at Johnny's seeds and the Amishgourd website-thanks to slim on forum
Looking forward to seeing the harvest

katiegirl said...

Have you ever tried to eat the squash blossoms? I know people stuff them with ricotta and bake them, but I've never tried! Oh, and they say you have to get the male blossoms so you don't hurt the fruit production.

Jane said...

I just discovered the blog while searching plans for a chicken tractor. I am hooked!! I went all the way back to last summer and followed your "saga" of building the farm. I find you guys fascinating!! What great people! I can't wait to see how Cadence's construction project ends up!! Keep blogging because you inspire me to get up and get things done around our "small farm". You get so much done that you give me hope. Just wish I had some of your creative talents:)

Susan said...

HI GZ, Actually, (mam gorwing ave several kinds of ornamental gourds, including snake, basket, birdhouse, in various shapes which I hope to cure and make into art.
Katiegirl - we have eaten squash blossoms stuffed and also on pizza in Italy. Can't wait to have enough to try that -maybe this weekend.
Thanks, Jane! I lkook forward ot reading YOUR farming adventures on your blog-- small farm life is so much fun.