Friday, July 10, 2009

Green and Growing

It's hard not to compare gardens and suffer from a bit of garden envy sometimes. Down the road a piece is a retired farmer whose immaculate small garden is so far ahead of ours--His squashes are covered with blooms and his tomato plants are chest-high. So, I was heartened today to find our first squash growing--a yellow zucchini, about two inches long.
Many of the tomato plants are starting to set fruit, too. Because of our greenhouse disaster we don't know what plants are what varieties, but I suspect this might be Early Girl.
We keep discovering the things previous owners have planted. Gorgeous yellow Asiatic lilies are growing on the north side of the house!
On Wednesday, Cadence and I drove the truck and trailer to Plainview and picked up 500 pounds of corn for feed and 15 bales of straw for mulch and pig bedding. Rog and I got the tomatoes and potatoes mulched that evening just before the rain.
The snowpeas are terrific and prolific. We have been eating them every night and have frozen a lot -and still many more are coming.
One of the good intentions I did not accomplish this spring was planting the sunflower seeds along the barn. Darn. However, some thoughtful bird planted a few from the feeder along the east side of the house --one will be blooming soon.
Linden trees make fantastic honey and I have been wanting to plant one for my bees. Last week I found one on sale. It's not the greatest time of year to plant trees, however, and as I debated about whether to purchase it or not a honey bee landed on my hand. I took that as a message to go for it. Since bringing the linden tree home it has burst into bloom. It also attacts butterflies and moths. I think this is a ctenucha moth (don't ask me how to pronounce it, though!)
The lettuces are recovering from their severe pruning by the ducks and geese -- a new crop is almost ready. This is the trout lettuce. Couldn't resist a couple of fragrant carefree shrub roses on clearance at the grocery store!

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