Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Hen

The most delightful, darling surprise came in the mail Saturday: A tiny felted Christmas ornament made by Katie, from the wool of one of her sheep.

Katie is a fellow small-scale farmer/blogger from Maryland. We read each other's blogs, and when she got her incubator I sent her several eggs my hens had laid via priority mail. Unfortunately, none of the Minnesota eggs hatched, but she was so sweet to send this little handmade treasure in appreciation anyway. It has a place of honor, front and center on our Christmas tree. If you are smitten with this chicken, you might be able to purchase one for yourself at her Etsy shop.

When I started this blog as a sort of journal of our farm adventures, I never dreamed it would lead to so many new friendships. I wish a very heartfelt Merry Christmas to my blogging and blog-reading friends.


gz said...

Season's Greetings to you too!
(We have just joined you in Snowiness- but not so much!!)

katiegirl said...

I'm glad the ornament arrived safely!

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!

Cheri said...

Did I tell you that I have a friend in Zumbrota with an incubator that would be happy to hatch some of your eggs?