Saturday, December 5, 2009


I just had my first "Oh, duh!" moment of the day. I discovered that this time of year if you don't collect eggs quickly enough, they freeze solid. Also, the hens avoid using the nesting boxes with frozen eggs in them. Who'd want to sit on an ice cube?


katiegirl said...


Lovely banner picture!

Barry said...

I hate it when that happens!

Marie said...

oh ya, happens a lot, but they thaw out eventually (in the fridge please and covered) and then I use them..... my birds seem to be on strike - i had a chat with them yesterday .... time will tell

Bella Love said...

Hey Susan,

I wanted to drop a link for you to check out. You might find some really great micro farming info and a few chuckles.

I have been reading your blog and this fellows. Great information and stories.

Have a wonderful holiday season and be safe out there, this blizzard we are getting is a doozie!


Biologin said...

Oh, can you tell me, please, what is Eggsicles? What it means?