Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ready, Set...Snow!!!

Our house all lit up for Christmas--as it looked last night.
Same view tonight, as the snowstorm hit. We are forecast to get 24 to 36 inches of snow between tonight and Saturday. The wind is howling and large snow drifts have already blown across the driveway.

Rog and Cadence got home safely from town about half an hour ago, only to get stuck in a drift in the driveway. Rog has snow-blown the car free and tucked it in the garage. We may have a snowbound holiday! We are prepared: yummy Christmas dinner ingredients, a couple bottles of wine, a stack of movies and books from the library, and extra supplies of pet and livestock food. Tonight I added a couple more wild bird feeders and filled up all the feeders to help the birds get through the impending storm.
The geese and ducks are shut in the barn, insulated from the cold wind in a strawbale enclosure.
The chickens are nestled together on their roosts inside the coop. The small Americaunas who ordinarily don't socialize with the big Buff Orpingtons willingly snuggle up to them on cold nights.
This afternoon I re-glazed and re-inserted a window we discovered had fallen out of the west wall of the loafing shed yesterday. It's an embarrassingly home-handyman-type repair, but at least it will prevent the blizzard from blasting in on the cows. Not that they would even notice the snow--as long as they have plenty of tasty hay to munch, they seem to be content.


katiegirl said...

24-36"?!!!! Wow, I can't imagine 36"! We're finally starting to see some good melting here from our 20-22". Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Susan said...

This snowstorm was a huge disappointment! Shortly after I posted they updated the forecast for just 18 inches of snow in our region. However, it warmed up to just above freezing, our snow turned into rain and we lost more snow than we gained. Now it is ice-crusted snow, not much good for X-country skiing.

We had a fabulous Christmas, thanks. Hope you did as well.

Susan said...
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