Friday, July 23, 2010


Another really fun thing to do on a hot, muggy day is bake 48 loaves of sourdough bread in a wood-fired oven.  First you build a big fire and let the thick oven walls heat up to 500 degrees. Then you pull out the fire.
If you are adept, you can fit 6 loaves in at once. You have to be careful not to  brush the  oven with your arm or you will get a nasty burn.  Don't ask how we know.
A few of the  finished loaves ready for the Farmers Market tomorrow morning.  This bread is so delicious!  Rog has a pretty devoted following of sourdough bread-lovers - he must not disappoint his fans!


Becky said...

It's no wonder that he has a devoted following. Those loaves are beautiful and the care and art that goes into making them is obvious! Not a fun job to do on a hot day but what a result! :)

Mama Pea said...

Mmmm-mmm! We love sourdough bread and I know you just can't beat baking it in an oven such as you have. Do you use the oven in the winter also? We have friends who have an outdoor oven a bit bigger than yours and they use it all year round.

katiegirl said...

Those loves are gorgeous! Great job Rog!!

Jean said...

Another great looking batch of bread!
Rog, Jean says you will need to try sourdough waffles in there someday.

Susan said...

We have used this oven in the winter, but at freezing or below it takes a long time to get up to temp and doesn't hold the heat as well. We are planning to build a larger oven partly for that reason.