Saturday, July 17, 2010

Team Milkshake

This morning we biked to Pine Island, a little town along the Douglas Bike trail about 10 miles away, for breakfast.  When we got to the Douglas Trail we saw a slew of bikers, many  with crazy  bike helmet decor, but they rode on the parallel highway so the trail was clear sailing for us more leisurely riders.
We dined at a little coffeehouse and while we were there, a bunch of the bikers from the ride came in to fuel up a bit. There were 5 intrepid women in crazy mohawk helmets  and they allowed me to photograph them.
The biking event was the Red Ribbon Ride, an annual 4-day ride from Minneapolis to Rochester and back that raises money for HIV-Aids service organizations. The women are  known as  "Team Milkshake" and this is their 6th year participating.  This year they raised $13,400 in pledges. They also raise money by organizing an art auction in the Twin Cities. Over the 6 years they have raised over $120,000 for this cause!

Today is an incredibly  steamy day - I wish them cooling tail-winds.

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