Monday, November 15, 2010

First Taste of Snow this Winter

We were almost ready for the snow that came this weekend. Most of the hoses and lawn furniture were stored away.  Most of the spring bulbs were planted.  Most of the fence repairs were completed. Most of the yard was swept clear of  the deep layer of leaves. I guess we'll never be 100% ready - this may be as good as it gets.
It was very wet snow. We only got  an inch or two that  stuck to the ground; nothing like the Twin Cities  an hour and half north-- they got  a foot of snow.

The cows hung out at the  entrance to the loafing shed and seemed to be dismayed that winter was starting in earnest. It's not their favorite time of year.

The chickens, the younger batch,  have been ranging further into the woods each morning. They must be still finding goodies under the deeper leaf litter where the ground is not so cold yet.

Snow whitewashed the west side of the tree trunks. Any leaves that are still green this time of year belong to invasive buckthorn.  I hope we get a chance to pull some this week, when the ground is wet and it stands out so obviously.
During the heaviest snow, the utility company showed up to replace the  dying bulb in our yard light.  We have  debated whether to even have a yard light or not. We like the dark and having a clear view of the stars,  but this time of year when the days are so short it is pretty nice to have light to do morning and evening chores by, not to mention and late night and early morning shoveling.
I wonder if we could have persuaded him to grease our mournful windmill while he was up there?


katiegirl said...

Wow, snow already!! It sure is pretty.

gz said...

Cows loafing in a loafing shed!
I like the name of it!!

We're having sunny days and frosty nights,rain back tonight and Thursday...of course it rains Thursday it is market day!